I rarely say much on here anymore, but what i will say is  YOU can be pro Palestine and NOT anti-semitic. 

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any followers that can speak Dari OR pashto and would like to be apart of helping the organization HAWCA, please message on how you can help.

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overflowing with happiness, and it couldnt have come at a better time.
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fissssss al sabah i called u niguh
- Anonymous

-_________________________- faraktu asnane 

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Instead of concentrating our energy on hating celebrities and high-profile people who encourage bad behavior towards Muslims, why don’t we instead try to fundamentally change people’s perception of this wonderful tradition by our interactions with them? 

It’s easier to bake your neighbor cookies than to get Lady Gaga to stop wearing a burka. And chances are, the impact on your neighbor will be much greater.

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